Bitcoin Cash is directly making a difference in people's lives in various places in the world. Already there are several communities and ways to earn Bitcoin Cash online too and the development is just getting started. 

A major project that inspired AKARI to begin was eatBCH:

EatBCH started through some tips on and grew into a serious initiative that helps bring food to those who desperately need it in Venezuela. Where individuals in desperation due to economically oppressive situations can now survive and eat and begin to live more normal lifestyles. This project demonstrates how direct giving is changing the shape of donations and how Bitcoin Cash is helping individuals. A similar project has sprung up in South Sudan.


But why Bitcoin Cash? With Bitcoin Cash there are no intermediaries or payment channels and everything is direct.

Direct transfers, no middlemen, peer-to-peer cash, even with low fees. There is no ID required or background checks required or minimum-deposits required for anyone to own their own their own savings or spending account, with zero fees. Bitcoin Cash features zero permission for use and zero barriers-to-entry and unlimited free wallets, it's very easy for anyone to begin. Projects like EatBCH demonstrate that the money is borderless and that it can be sent and received across the world.



Our project, demonstrates that it is possible to successfully micro-crowdfund your projects with Bitcoin Cash. We used our own tool AKARI-PAGES and AKARI-PAY to help launch the foundation website, the "Bitfund dot cash" website, and watched as the first real fundraiser for (endangered Cheetahs) raising Cheetah cubs successfully reached their goal.

Now, anyone can use AKARI-PAGES to encourage micro-donations from Bitcoin Cash users from around the world. 

EARNING COMMUNITIES is a free to participate community we wrote about here where users can post useful and informative information or updates on their projects and earn and income. To get started all you need is an email address and we recommend the free emails from


Read more about on their about page. is our own initiative to encourage individuals to publish frequent updates and get paid for each update. You can see an example page as part of our news updates here at:


For more info visit is quite a new type of interface that has to be experienced. Similar to Blockpress, it costs very little to get started and you can obtain some free Bitcoin Cash by using the wallet and the faucet at 






AKARI Global Foundation's mission is to help reduce economic oppression and increase economic freedoms on an individual basis globally through education and instruction on how to leverage Bitcoin Cash & Manna Currency to your direct benefit.