GUIDE:  Building Bitcoin Cash fundraisers with APB

Welcome to the APB Getting Started Guide. This guide is designed to be a quick and easy tool to help you get your fundraiser ready and launched!

(No Web-host Required, Bitcoin Cash Beginners Included)

Hit "NEXT" to get started OR read more about AKARI-PAGES+PAY Below.

AKARI-PAY are the donate/pay buttons and payment page, featuring a mobile-friendly view to increase payment success rates via QR, copy or mobile wallet buttons. Fundraising versions feature latest goals + progress updates.

AKARI-PAGES is the fundraiser microsite. It also features a mobile-friendly  template with live updates and other information that you can fully customize.

You don't need a web-host to run these tools, you can use GitHub Pages or, they're free, and you can  use for free email. This guide will show you how to set up your page for free using GitHub.