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Instructions: Please read before starting: Refreshing this page will lose your changes.
1. Download a post template to your local device.
2. Unarchive the folder, these are the post files. Rename the folder to correspond with which post you're on, ex 001, 002, 003.
3. Use this page to save your customizations by hitting the save button next to each section and overwrite the post template.
4. Once you're done, upload the files to your webhost or github in the corresponding set post folder, ex 002, 003.

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Support Goal (amount of transactions to post extra content for all).

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Per-post CashAddr Receiving Address (do not include "bitcoincash:" prefix)


Final Step (activate this post's payment page)

Rename your post's payment page file to:

 (This file that begins with 'addr=' must be named correctly for payment to work)

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